New Poems by Sangharakshita

This section contains recent (1999-2002) poems, not
previously published in any media.


Dancing round the Maypole

"Dance, children, dance,
Dance round the Maypole,
Lifting your feet
In time with the music!"

Thus spoke the teacher
In my happy schooldays,
Spoke in the playground
On May Day morning.

From the top of the Maypole
Hung marvellous streamers
Of many different colours,
All bright in the sunshine.

Each child seized the end
Of a streamer, and with it
Danced round the Maypole
In time with the music.

Fifteen or twenty
Happy London children
Dancing round the Maypole
On May Day morning!

Clockwise and anti-
Clockwise we danced
In our asphalted playground,
Backwards and forwards,
Weaving and un-
Weaving round the Maypole
Wonderful patterns
With our bright-coloured streamers.

And the tall old Maypole
Looked down benignly
On the dancing children,
Looked down and blessed us.

Fifty years later
No tall old Maypole,
No children dancing
On May Day morning.

No bright-coloured streamers,
No wonderful patterns.
In the empty playground
Only the asphalt.