New Poems by Sangharakshita

This section contains recent (1999-2002) poems, not
previously published in any media.


The Guru of Dharsendo

I rejoice in the merits

Of the Guru of Dharseno;

I rejoice in his life

Of mindfulness and compassion.

I rejoice in his confident turning

Of the Wheel of the Immaculate Dharma,

And in his faultless wielding

Of the Diamond Sceptre of Wisdom.

I rejoice in his proclamation

To his disciples both young and old,

To his disciples both near and far,

Of the threefold inspiring message

To cherish the Doctrine, live united, and radiate love.

I rejoice in his practise

Of the Six Perfections:

In his practise of unfailing generosity:

In his practise of flawless Ethics and Manners;

In his practise of infinite forbearance;

In his practise of inexhaustible vigour;

In his practise of unshakeable concentration;

In his practise of profound and far-reaching Wisdom.

Humbly and heartily,

Gratefully and reverentially,

With body, speech and mind,

I rejoice in the merits

Of the Guru of Dharsendo,

I rejoice in the merits

Of Dhardo Rimpoche.

‘Sukhavati’ 21/03/91