New Poems by Sangharakshita

This section contains recent (1999-2002) poems, not
previously published in any media.


Poet and Muse

(After looking into a biography of Robert Graves)

The poet has his Muse, the terrible White
Goddess who is the sole object
Of his adoration, and to whom
His whole life is consecrate. But naturally
The Muse has her attendants, her personal
Assistants, and there may even be
A Deputy Muse or two to whom,
When not in the mood, she from time to time
Delegates a portion of her authority, and all these
Divine and semi-divine ladies
Collaborate happily
(Or not so happily, as the case may be)
In the production
Of the poet's oeuvre, and in the completion
Of a learned treatise
In which he gives a comprehensive account
Of the religious-cum-anthropological-
Theory behind
His poetic practise.